The first couple of weeks of you new baby’s life are very special. Tiny fingers and toes, sleepy yawns, and the precious face of them sleeping – those are the moments you want to remember forever. They do not stay that small forever.

Below are some tips to make the most out of your newborn session.


The best time to contact me is BEFORE you have your baby. I will then add you to my schedule when your due date is expected. Once your baby arrives, then within the first week is the best time to schedule your session. The first week works best to get peaceful sleepy and very curly poses. After two weeks of age, they are more likely to be disturbed while sleeping, and can also become colicky or baby acne can start to flare.

Please feed your baby before the session so that he or she has a full tummy. You may opt to feed them when you arrive.  Please undress your baby (or wear very loose clothing) and loosen the diaper and swaddle them in a blanket before feeding.  This will make it easier when we start your session.  Since newborn clothing rarely fits ‘just right’, I prefer to capture your newborn in as little clothing as possible.


Most newborn sessions last between 2-4 hours, allowing plenty of time to feed and comfort. All of my sessions are done at my in-home studio.  During the session we will take breaks for feedings and cuddling as necessary.

When doing poses where the baby is undressed, it is normal (and okay!) for them to relieve themselves on my backdrop… or anywhere else.  This has happened many times and I am not in the least bit worried!  We will just do a clean up and continue with the session.   (NOTE: All of the items used are laundered between sessions.)

Mom, Dad, and siblings are welcome to join for pictures with the baby at no extra charge.

For more information, please read my Newborn Welcome Guide:


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